Genius, convenient, protective: meet Pitaka PinButton Case for Galaxy S4 Ultra

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The smartphone case space is littered with products and most of them, more or less, do the same stuff. You can go for a super-cheap case that doesn’t feel nice, but does the basic job of protecting the phone. Or you can go super-premium and get a nice fit, feel, and longevity out of it.But rarely do we see a case that actually upgrades your phone, adding options for convenience and usability. Especially in such an ingenious manner.

Pitaka PinButton Case adds more buttons to your Galaxy S24 Ultra!

Utilizing an NFC chip embedded in the case itself, the new Pitaka PinButton Case will “talk” to your Galaxy S24 Ultra like no other accessory has! There are three new buttons on the left-side frame of the case — opposite to the phone’s natural hardware controls, which are all on the right.

Each PinButton press will send a different signal through the NFC reader of the phone. And here’s the smart part — you don’t need to download a separate app or anything. Your Galaxy S24 Ultra already has everything you need!

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Go into Settings -> Modes and Routines -> Routines tab -> Create new Routine. Under the “If” condition, pick the “NFC Tagged” option and press the button you wish to program.

From here on, you can program that specific button to do… well, pretty much anything. You can have it launch an app, a specific Spotify playlist, turn on Do Not Disturb, start a Recorder session, go into Camera Portrait Mode, and much, much more (just explore the Routines section of your Galaxy S24 Ultra if you haven’t done so already).

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High quality protection in typical Pitaka style

Pitaka is well-known for its work with aramid fiber. You will see the same high-quality weave, and feel the touch of raw, rare 1500D aramid here. Stronger, yet lighter than steel, these cases have 1.86 mm (0.07 in) thin, yet extremely durable back shells.

The side frame is made of high-quality, flexible TPU, to ensure soft protection of the corners. It is seamlessly fused to the aramid fiber back, for a sleek look and feel. The inside is lined with soft nappa leather, for a nice premium finishing touch and full phone protection.

Not done yet: you also get MagSafe!

The new Qi2 standard — with an Apple MagSafe ring inside it — is now a reality, and we are getting more and more magnetic chargers, wallets, stands, and accessories by the day. But the Galaxy S24 Ultra doesn’t have a magnetic ring inside of it. If you are feeling some MagSafe jealousy — fret not. The Pitaka PinButton Case has a strong array of magnets to add MagSafe to your Galaxy S24 Ultra!

You can also explore Pitaka’s MagEZ ecosystem, which includes:

  • MagEZ Slider 2 – wireless charger with a slide-out powerbank you can take on the go
  • MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 Qi2- strong MagSafe car mount
  • MagEZ Grip – a small ring that sticks to the back of the phone for easy holding
  • MagEZ Wallet – a wallet that attaches to the phone magnetically

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