Weekly deals roundup: Time to save big on the Pixel 8 Pro, iPad Pro (2022), Galaxy Watch 6, and more

You’ve all heard (or made jokes) about how moms usually get more love than dads from most sons and daughters, which leads to better tech deals ahead of Mother’s Day every year than Father’s Day. But our latest week-ending collection of the top offers on many of the best gadgets out there seems to contradict this theory and render all such jokes moot.

With only nine days to go until this year’s Father’s Day celebration, major US retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are viciously slashing the prices of quite a few of the world’s top smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds.

Some of these discounts are completely unprecedented and thus pretty much impossible to resist, while others are… only slightly less compelling. Together, today’s massive bundle of bargains and steals looks all but guaranteed to cater to the needs and preferences of just about any and all summer mobile tech shoppers.

Check out these outstanding top three deals of the week!

Can a 2022 product still be one of the best tablets in the world in 2024? When it has an uber-powerful Apple M2 processor under its hood, the answer is a clear and resounding yes. By no means as sophisticated as the hot new 13-inch iPad Pro with M4 inside, the oldie but goodie sixth-gen iPad Pro 12.9 delivers virtually unrivaled value at a towering $400 Best Buy discount in a 512GB storage configuration.
The Pixel 8 Pro is a towering device in its own right as probably the best Android phone out there with “stock” Google software, and at a whopping 250 bucks off its list price, it’s also incredibly hard to turn down, even with both Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL models around the corner.
Of course, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7 family announcement is even closer on the horizon, which doesn’t make last year’s Galaxy Watch 6 any less attractive at a record high new discount of $100 across all variants and colors. Is this the best smartwatch money can buy? Probably not. But is it the best you can get for as little as two Benjamins right now? Almost certainly yes.

Now this is what we call a rich harvest of smartphone bargains!

As always, the term “bargain” is used loosely when referring to typically extravagant handsets like the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Pixel Fold, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. These bad boys are still prohibitively priced for many mobile consumers, but if you do think you can afford them, now they’re considerably easier to afford.
The same goes for the Motorola Razr Plus, which might be the best foldable phone you can buy on a (relatively) tight budget stateside, at least until the next Razr generation is released… any day now. Then you have the affordable OnePlus 12 and Pixel 8 flagships available at significantly lower prices than usual as well, and finally, the truly affordable Pixel 8a and OnePlus 12R, which you can get with a $50 gift card or at an outright $50 discount respectively.

The latter two may not sound like the deals of the century (because they’re most definitely not), but they’re actually pretty rare and unlikely to be eclipsed anytime soon.

We also have deeply discounted tablets for all budgets

Are you disappointed that the above list doesn’t include a single ultra-low-cost phone? What do you say about a dirt-cheap Android tablet with a surprisingly decent feature set? Don’t want to settle for the Lenovo Tab M11 mid-ranger? The Galaxy Tab S9 is technically a high-end model, but its price point is today knocked down way closer to the mid-range segment.
The same obviously cannot be said about the Apple M4-powered 11-inch iPad Pro (2024) with 512GB storage, which is cheaper than ever but does not fall into the affordable category by any meaning of the word. The older Surface Pro 9 and iPad Pro 11 with Apple M2 inside, meanwhile, are available at the exact same (reasonable) price… with varying internal storage space right now.Β 

If you’re wondering whether you should go for Microsoft’s 256GB model or Apple’s 512GB device, we’re afraid we can’t help you make your final decision, which largely hinges on your mobile computing software platform of choice.

Even more smartwatch steals for you to feast on!

Are you hesitant to pick up the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 at a new record low price for some reason? Perhaps the OnePlus Watch 2 will be more to your liking with a tougher stainless steel body, much better battery life, the same Wear OS software, and if you hurry, a nice pair of noise-cancelling OnePlus Buds 3 included at a very special price.
Google’s in-house Pixel Watch 2 is another great Galaxy Watch 6 alternative for Android smartphone users, while the Apple Watch Series 9 naturally targets an exclusively iPhone-using audience with an excellent balance of its own between raw power and affordability. And yes, we realize that the Pixel Watch 3 and Apple Watch Series 10Β are probably coming (relatively) soon, but you may have to wait a while before seeing the two tech giants’ next-gen wearables drop to these kinds of prices.

There’s something for everyone in this week’s best earbuds deals as well

If you’re a hardcore Apple fan, you probably already know that the Beats Studio Buds+ are pretty much just as great as the AirPods Pro 2… only way cheaper… and available in a few different colorways, including a stunning see-through version.

If you’re instead more into Google or Samsung stuff and want to own some of the greatest wireless earbuds out there today, the super-premium Pixel Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are difficult to resist at their latest huge discounts. Your final buying decision is all yours, but trust us, you will be pleased with any of these three top-shelf options.

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