A possible shift in Tensor chip production could mean big performance gains for Google Pixel

New reports have surfaced claiming that Google could potentially be switching up the chip manufacturer for its next Pixel phone, the Pixel 10. These same reports suggest that Google might ditch Samsung, the current maker of its Pixel 9 chip, in favor of TSMC. This change could mean a big leap in how well the Pixel 10 performs.Why the switch? Sources in the industry point out that Samsung’s current chip-making process isn’t as efficient as TSMC’s. This difference could translate to chips made by TSMC being 10-20% faster and more power-efficient than those made by Samsung. Imagine a Pixel phone that not only runs smoother and faster but also lasts longer on a single charge. This would be a dream for many fans of Google’s smartphone.

We’ve seen a similar move before with Qualcomm, a major player in the chip world. In 2022, Qualcomm opted for TSMC to manufacture some of its top-tier chips, and the results were impressive: cooler phones, longer battery life, and overall snappier performance.Of course, it’s important to remember that these are still rumors. We’ll have to wait for official announcements from Google to know for sure. However, the potential for a significantly faster and more efficient Pixel 10 is definitely exciting news.

Image credit — PhoneArena

It’s also interesting to note the back-and-forth in the tech world about Samsung’s chip-making capabilities. There were earlier reports suggesting Samsung was actually ahead of TSMC, but newer information seems to contradict this. It just goes to show that the tech landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s always wise to wait for confirmed details before getting too excited.

This potential change in chip manufacturer for the Pixel 10 could be a game-changer for Google. It could mean a phone that’s not only more powerful but also more enjoyable to use thanks to improved battery life. This move could also help Google better compete with other top smartphone brands in terms of performance. As we await the Pixel 9 series release, we’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled for any new information on what we can expect for next year’s releases as well.

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