Did Nothing CEO just hint at the Phone (3) design? Mysterious new button on the side

Header image is referential, showcasing the Nothing Phone (2) | Image credit–PhoneArena

Nothing is known for its unexpected teasers, often leaving us to speculate wildly. Now, Carl Pei’s company is at it again, prompting the question: has Nothing just teased its next smartphone?

Nothing CEO Carl Pei might have sneakily teased the design of the Nothing Phone (3)

Recently, Nothing CEO Carl Pei shared photos highlighting updates to the Nothing OS user interface. The software changes caught some attention, but the eagle-eyed folks over at the consumer tech website Beebom noticed something more intriguing: the phone in Pei’s photos might just be the upcoming Nothing Phone (3).
The Phone (1), Phone (2), and the newer Phone (2a) all feature three buttons: two volume rockers on the left side and a power button on the right. Yet, in Pei’s photos, another button is evident on the right side, placed just below the power button.
It’s still unclear what this new button could be for, but it might be similar to the expected new button on the upcoming iPhone 16 series: a multifunctional button that could serve as a dedicated camera shutter or a quick-launch camera button.
Rumors swirl that the new button on the iPhone 16 might not stop at just camera functions. Some speculate it could be customizable, possibly tapping into Apple’s upcoming AI features in iOS 18.
Considering Nothing’s recent reveal about integrating ChatGPT into Nothing OS, this mysterious button could also be a doorway to AI-powered functions, acting as a dedicated AI button for easy access to smart features. Of course, its exact functions remain to be seen when the company officially launches the Nothing Phone (3).

Almost a year has flown by since Nothing dropped the Nothing Phone (2), and now we’re itching for more tidbits and teasers about the upcoming Nothing Phone (3). If the company follows its previous release patterns, we can expect to see Nothing Phone (3) in July.

At this point, information on the Nothing Phone (3) is pretty slim. However, keeping in line with its predecessors, we anticipate Nothing will stick with the transparent back design and the Glyph interface for its upcoming flagship.

Nothing typically opts for processors from the previous generation. Considering the Nothing Phone (2) runs on a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, it’s reasonable to assume that the Nothing Phone (3) will likely pack the Gen 2 version and not the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 lineup. Stay tuned for updates.

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