Dive into the Black Friday spirit with this stunning Sony WH-CH720N ANC deal on Amazon

The affordable Sony WH-CH720N are Alexa-powered, with respectable ANC on deck, and… back at their Black Friday price! We’re not joking around – Amazon has re-introduced its smashingly good deal on these puppies, selling them at 35% off.

This headset hasn’t seen such a considerable markdown this year. So it truly makes us feel the Black Friday savings spirit, but in May. On the flip side, Amazon isn’t the only retailer that has gone so surprisingly generous with the Sony headphones, as you’ll find them at the same price via Walmart and Best Buy.

Right off the bat, we have to note that this headset isn’t as good as Sony’s flagship WH-1000XM4 and XM5. But they also don’t come with that crazy-high price tag, either! But if you don’t mind spending the extra buck for the ultimate perfection, check out this WH-1000XM5 deal.

The CH720N stand their own ground in their respective price range. They offer good ANC that cancels out low rumbling noises to a great extent and doesn’t turn a blind eye to higher frequencies. Of course, you also have Ambient Sound that lets you stay in touch with your surroundings.

If you’re into bass-heavy music, the sound of these budget wireless headphones won’t disappoint you. They offer slightly exaggerated bass and treble, but that’s not necessarily a con. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with what you get from them out of the box, you can always use the Sony app’s equalizer. The app provides other benefits like listening modes, DSEE, Sony 360 Reality audio ear analysis, codec selection, and more.

These cans are also excellent for phone calls and offer up to 35 hours of listening time per charge. If you turn off the ANC, you can squeeze in another up to 15 hours of playtime. You also have a fast charging option on deck, which gives you up to 60 minutes of listening from a three-minute charge.

All things considered, the WH-CH720N are a great choice for Sony lovers on a tight budget. If you like what they put to the table, go ahead and grab yours through Amazon’s Black Friday (in May) deal!

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