Early look at RCS on iPhones shows that Apple has some work to do

What you need to know

  • An early dive into Apple’s coming RCS support for iPhones in iOS 18 shows green bubbles, single and group chat functionality alongside file transfers.
  • Unfortunately, early RCS support on iPhones lacks proper E2EE for group chats and emoji reactions only work for iPhones.
  • Proper message replies aren’t working as iPhone users can’t send them and replies they receive appear as regular texts.

Shortly after Apple’s usual WWDC event, those enrolled in its iOS 18 beta were able to surface its upcoming RCS support.

X user Dhinak made the discovery and posted a lengthy thread breaking down its availability and present features in the iOS 18 beta (via Android Authority). Early evidence shows that green bubbles are still used to denote Android users despite the existence of RCS — but that was expected.

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