Eligible T-Mobile accounts getting satellite messaging option after downloading Android 15 Beta 2

Apple’s iPhone 14 and 15 gives you the option of contacting emergency services via satellite, making it an indispensable option for times when cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity is not available. Google will bring satellite messaging to Android phones with Android 15 and T-Mobile users may be the first ones to get the feature.Signs that Google was planning to bring satellite connectivity to Android phones began appearing when Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2 was released and at that time, code snippets indicated that Android would support T-Mobile and SpaceX’s Direct to Cell service for LTE-capable phones which aims to bring connectivity to dead zones.

Earlier this year, SpaceX sent text messages via Starlink satellites using T-Mobile‘s network, hinting that the service was reading for a mass-market rollout.

Some T-Mobile users who downloaded the second Android beta 15 are reporting that they got the satellite messaging option on their phones, per Android Authority. So far, only Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 Pro users have received the option, so we wonder if the rollout is starting with Pixel phones.

You can check whether it’s available on your phone by going to Settings, tapping on Network & Internet, selecting SIMs, and then tapping on T-Mobile.

Also, not all T-Mobile plans seem to be eligible, with one Reddit user saying that the service is not included with the Magenta MAX military plan. That’s hardly surprising, given T-Mobile seems to be trying to coax people into migrating to one of its newer plans.

Since T-Mobile and SpaceX haven’t officially launched the service yet, it could be a while before T-Mobile users are able to send messages via satellite. One of the coolest things about the service is that it isn’t just for contacting emergency services and can be used to text anyone. You’ll need to have a clear view of the sky to make the feature work though.

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