Hardcore Samsung fans are sure to fall in love with Best Buy’s newest Galaxy Tab S9 FE deal

If you’re the kind of Galaxy fan who cannot conceive using anything other than Samsung products and at the same time don’t want to overspend on said devices, one of the best tablets you can currently get is without a doubt the Tab S9 FE.

That’s both because the mid-range 10.9-inch giant is remarkably feature-packed for its typically reasonable price of $450 and up, and perhaps more importantly, because said list price is reduced by a massive 110 bucks right now at Best Buy.

The exact same discount can be applied at the exact same retailer on a 256GB storage variant in addition to the entry-level 128 gig configuration, and both these hot new deals are unrivaled by the likes of Amazon and Samsung’s official US e-store.

To our knowledge, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE has only been sold at $339.99 and $409.99 prices with 128 and 256GB internal storage space respectively once or twice before, and scoring even heftier discounts is unlikely to happen anytime soon.
Both models are available in the same two gray and mint hues, at least if you hurry, and they both come with a handy built-in S Pen that distinguishes all the best Samsung tablets in the world from Apple’s greatest iPads out there. 
Of course, the Tab S9 Fan Edition is nowhere near as powerful as an iPad Air (either from 2024 or 2022), packing a respectable but far from impressive Exynos 1380 processor and a decently sized 8,000mAh battery. If you care about your tablet’s multitasking skills more than you do about its extreme affordability, you should definitely opt for the upper-tier storage variant, which also features 8GB RAM instead of the cheaper model’s 6GB memory count.

The 90Hz refresh rate-capable IPS LCD screen is itself no pushover (even though it’s also not as beautiful as a Dynamic AMOLED panel), and a pair of AKG-tuned stereo speakers will help make sure you’re always entertained and immersed into your content consumption on the move. What more could you want… for as little as 340 bucks?

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