Honor partners with Google to bring generative AI to its upcoming smartphones

Almost every major handset maker announced plans to implement generative AI features into their products. Honor is one of the companies that didnโ€™t make any clear statements regarding AI and its smartphones.

But that ends this week, as the Chinese brand has just confirmed at VivaTech, one of Europeโ€™s largest tech and innovation events, that it has partnered with Google to bring generative AI to its upcoming smartphones.

As part of the initiative, Honor will implement generative AI experiences powered by Google Cloud into its not-yet-release phones, promising to provide users with a new level of intelligence and innovations, as well as enhanced privacy protections.

In this regard, Honor revealed its own Four-Layer AI Architecture integrated into MagicOS, its own take on Android. Cross-device and Cross-OS AI is the first layer of the quartet and is responsible for the sharing of computing power and services among devices and operating system.

Next, we have the Platform-level AI layer that promises to allow โ€œintent-based human-computer interaction and personalized resource allocation. The third layer, App-level AI handles all the generative AI applications that should bring value to user experiences. Last but not least, the Interface to Cloud-AI services layer provides users with easy access to cloud services while maximizing privacy protection.

In addition to all these AI-related announcements, Honor revealed that its 200 Series will be introduced in Europe on June 12. These phones will focus on camera features like the all-new AI-enhanced Portrait experience. Honor 200 Series will be powered by MagicOS 8.0, which packs many of the AI features introduced this week.

The Chinese company also confirmed plans to roll out MagicOS 8.0 to its Honor Magic V2 and Honor 90 devices in the coming months.

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