I used to think I wanted an LTE smartwatch. Now I know better

Sunday Runday

(Image credit: Android Central)

In this weekly column, Android Central Wearables Editor Michael Hicks talks about the world of wearables, apps, and fitness tech related to running and health, in his quest to get faster and more fit.

I’ve tested a few smartwatches with LTE over the years: the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and Pixel Watch 2 LTE. The concept of leaving my phone behind and running free with an on-wrist backup used to tempt me. But my cellular watch experiment made me realize it’s not for me. 

You’ll find dozens of forums and Reddit threads for Apple, Samsung, Google, and Garmin users that are all variations on the same question: Should I buy (or do I need) an LTE smartwatch? Invariably, you’ll get passionate and logical answers for both “yes” and “no.”

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