iPad Pro (2024) VS iPad Pro (2022): All new features explained!


After a long hiatus, the iPad Pro is back! We have a new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro 2024 models, and they bring a number of big improvements, but also – higher prices. So are the upgrades worth it? In this article, we dive deeper exploring all the differences between the iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022.

Just keep in mind that this is an early comparison based solely on the official data from Apple. We expect to have the new iPad Pro 2024 models next week, and that is when we will be updating this article with in-depth hands-on experience and a lot of test results.

With this out of the way, the big ticket item in the new iPad Pro 2024 is the switch to Tandem OLED screens, a new display technology that offers the brilliant colors of OLED at a higher than usual brightness level.

But just as impressive is the change to a thinner and lighter body that many people will notice even more.

Under the hood, Apple brings a brand new M4 chipset which is great for AI tasks. The previous iPad Pro runs on an M2 chipset, so Apple skipped a generation and the iPad Pro 2024 is the first ever Apple product to come with the M4 (Macbooks are to follow later on).

We also have a brand new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro that now features a function row and a larger trackpad, so the iPad Pro 2024 is an even better laptop replacement. Let’s dive in all the differences and see what else is new!

iPad Pro (2024) vs iPad Pro (2022) differences:

Table of Contents:

Design and Size

Much thinner, much lighter

The iPad Pro 2024 comes in an 11-inch and 13-inch size options, similar to the previous generation, with a slight twist: the previous large sized iPad measured a fraction smaller at 12.9-inches.

You can immediately spot the difference in thickness and weight between the new iPad Pro M4 (2024) vs the previous iPad Pro (2022).

These new models are so thin that Apple officially classifies them as the company’s thinnest devices ever. Both sizes of the iPad Pro 2024 measure just around 5.1mm, compared to around 6mm for the iPad Pro 2022.

With the slimmer profile also comes lighter weight, and this is especially noticeable for the 13-inch model which now weighs just 1.28 lbs compared to 1.5 lbs for the previous generation.

The other change worth mentioning is the position of the front camera. It’s now on the longer, landscape side. Finally! Most people would use this in landscape orientation and this makes for a much more flattering angle for video calls.

Display Differences

Tandem OLED is a big improvement

The biggest new feature of the iPad Pro 2024 has got to be the new Tandem OLED display.

We have not had an OLED screen in an iPad before, but this is no ordinary OLED. The word “Tandem” means that Apple has coupled two OLED panels here which helps it achieve much higher brightness, along with the other usual benefits of OLED like infinite contrast, vibrant colors and perfect blacks.

And both iPad Pro 2024 sizes come with the same OLED technology (previously, only the larger iPad Pro 2022 featured the fancier mini-LED screen, while the 11-inch version came with a less exciting LCD tech).

The difference in brightness is notable: you get a typical max brightness of 1,000 nits on the 2024 iPad Pros vs 600 nits on the 2022 iPad Pros.

We should also say that Apple is now offering a fancy nano-textured screen option for the iPad Pro, but only if you opt for the pricey 1TB or 2TB models. Nano-texture is precisely etched glass that reduces reflections (it’s an option Apple has previously used in its high end monitors). A nano-textured display comes at a $100 price premium.

As far as biometrics go, no changes, the new iPad Pro models will use the good old Face ID.

Performance and Software

The M4 is faster than a BMW
The autonerds among you might catch the wordplay above, but to put it in simple terms, the new iPad Pro models surprisingly skip a generation and arrive with a brand new M4 chipset.

Even Macs have not yet received this new chip, which is specifically optimized for the new era of AI.

Still, the M2-equpped 2022 models aren’t slow by any stretch of the imagination, and most likely the difference will show up mostly in synthetic benchmarks.

We see another change in the native storage. Base iPad Pro models now come with 256GB of on-board memory, which is good, but also carries a higher price with it.

iPad Pros now start at $1,000 for the 11-inch size (up from $800 for the 2022 version), while the 13-inch model pricing starts at $1,300 (up from $1,100 previously). That’s a $200 price difference.

You also have 512GB, 1TB and 2TB storage options. Interestingly, those 1TB and 2TB options come with 16GB of RAM, double that of the 256GB and 512GB models.

New Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro

The 2024 iPad Pro also makes a massive jump towards being a true laptop replacemant with this one new accessory: the new Magic Keyboard.

This new Magic Keyboard is similar in concept to the previous one: it attaches magnetically and the iPad kind of floats above it, but everything else is changed.

It has an aluminum enclosure, it – finally! – has a function row and yes, an Escape key too! It has a much larger trackpad with haptic feedback, and in many ways, it feels very similar to using a Macbook keyboard.

Another new accessory, this time not exclusive to the iPad Pro, is the Apple Pencil Pro.

This new Apple Pencil unlocks new possibilities for creatives. There is a new sensor in the barrel, which allows you to squeeze it to bring a new tool pallet.

A new haptic engine built in the upper part, delivers feedback. There is even a gyro inside for better precision, and it can detect barrel roll for precise control.

The new Apple Pencil Pro now supports Find My, and just like before, itΒ pairs, charges and stores magnetically on the side.


Apple moves the front camera to the horizontal side, gets rid of the ultra-wide camera on the rear

Cameras are not something iPads are known for, but occasionally you need one and unlike Macs, you have it on an iPad.

The big change in the iPad Pro 2024 is that Apple has finally moved the front camera to the horizontal side. This means that when you use your iPad with a keyboard, you will get a much more flattering angle in video calls. Good move!

Interestingly, we also have a downgrade: the ultra-wide camera on the back of the iPad Pro is now gone in the 2024 edition. You only have one, wide-angle rear camera now.

This just shows you how little use these cameras get, and we for once, will not miss the ultra-wide camera much.

One neat new addition is Adaptive True Tone flash in the rear camera system. This comes in handy when you are trying to scan a document as it can smartly remove any shadow you might be casting over the document. Clever!

Audio Quality and Haptics

The iPad Pro M4 (2024) keeps the quad-speaker setup from the previous generation, which was already very impressive.

So far, there are no major changes to sound quality, but we have to test this and we will update you in the coming weeks.When it comes to haptics, again no changes are expected.

As a final reminder, there’s no 3.5mm audio jack on the 2022 models, and we don’t expect it to pop-up in the new models, either.

Battery Life and Charging

Same 10-hour battery life

Apple does not officially detail the battery size of iPads, but it does provide a battery life estimate.

And judging by this estimate, all iPads available in 2024, despite their different sizes have the exact same battery life: 10 hours of browsing or video watching over a Wi-Fi connection or 9 hours if you use it over a cellular connection.

Those were the exact same numbers we saw on the iPad Pro 2022 edition, so no changes!Β 

There were some crazy rumors before the launch of the iPad Pro 2024 edition about glass backs and wireless charging, but none of that has materialized. The iPad Pro is still made of good old aluminum and does NOT support wireless charging.

Wired charging happens over USB-C as before, and speeds have not changed either.

Specs Comparison

And here is an overview of the specs of the iPad Pro 2024 vs iPad Pro 2022 in a table:


The new iPad Pro M4 (2024) is clearly the biggest and baddest iPad ever made, but is it really worth upgrading now that prices have gone up by $200?

Here is what we think: the biggest change in the new iPad Pro 2024 models is the new Magic Keyboard and how it elevates this device to be an even better laptop replacement.

The rest are all nice upgrades: the thinner design, the lighter weight, the faster M4 chipset, the changed front camera placement, and even the much better Tandem OLED screen.

But we don’t think the upgrades are so dire that owners of the iPad Pro 2022 would feel an irresistible urge to upgrade.

What we see with the iPad Pro 2024, however, tells us that Apple is finally in the clear about what the iPad is and how it finally accepts that iPad needs to move in one direction: become that laptop replacement with a touchscreen and a detachable design. Now, if only iPadOS could follow the lead quicker…

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