iPadOS 18 new features, functions and decorations: you didn’t expect a Calculator this fun, did you?

iPadOS 18 comes in with the expectations to push the envelope even further with new (and impressive) features.

Let’s check them out!

Basically, the option to customize your iPad’s Home Screen – like you can do on iOS 18 – will arrive with iPadOS 18. The revamped Photos app from iOS 18 is also coming to iPadOS 18.

However, on iPadOS 18 there’ll be a new floating tab bar for organizing apps. The navigation bar adapts dynamically and can be integrated into various iPad apps. This bar can appear either as a horizontal tab bar, resembling those found in streaming services like Apple TV Plus, or transform into a vertical sidebar based on the app’s activity.

Also, there are new, smoother animations across app and across the interface. Developers will be able to use those interface elements through an upcoming API., An API, or Application Programming Interface, is essentially a set of rules that allows different software applications to communicate with each other.

Also, iPad to iPad connecting will be easier on iPadOS 18 with SharePlay. When connected, you could take control of the other party’s iPad. If you want to show something on their screen, you could do so by drawing on your screen and your dribble will appear on the other end.

The Calculator app is also here, if you can believe that!

Although iPhone users have had the Calculator app since the phone’s debut in 2007, the iPad has lacked a native calculator app since its launch in 2010.

However, this omission appears to be ending soon. Apple’s Calculator app is coming to iPadOS 18, finally filling this long-standing gap.

The Calculator app itself looks basically basic, but there’s the Math Notes feature. It works with Apple Pencil and it gives you the ability to write down formulae – just like in a notebook in class! Math Notes will do its magic and will solve your math problems! Math Notes can also understand diagrams and drawings of math functions – pretty cool, eh?

Smart Scripts will perfect your handwriting

Apple has also introduced Smart Script, which improves the appearance of writing as you write using machine learning. It’s also capable of recreating your own handwriting style, can spell check you, and transform typed text into your own style.
Smart Script takes Notes on another level. iPadOS 18 will analyze your handwriting style and make – are you ready for it? – a personalized font based on it. It can even perfect it and make it consistent and better.

That’s kind of ironic, isn’t it: technology did take away handwriting from us as a society… and now it’s giving it back to us. Only perfected…


Here are the iPad devices that are going to be compatible with iPadOS 18:

  • iPad 7th gen (2019) and newer
  • iPad mini 5th gen (2019) and newer
  • iPad Air 3rd gen (2019) and newer
  • iPad Pro 1st gen (11-inch, 2018) and newer, 3rd gen (12.9-inch, 2018) and newer

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