iPhone 16 display production begins next month, with special emphasis on two models

If you had any doubt about the iPhone 16 series getting announced in September like the past few generations of iPhones, a new tip from one of the most reliable insiders indicates Apple’s next flagship smartphones will follow the same release timeline as last year.

With June fast approaching, it’s likely that the design of the iPhone 16 has been finalized, with numerous leaks and rumors suggesting that this year’s lineup will consist of a 6.1-inch standard model, a 6.7-inch Plus model, a 6.3-inch Pro variant, and a 6.9-inch Pro Max model with largely the same design as theย currentย lineup.

Display analyst Ross Young, who has a near spotless track record when it comes to leaks, said in a subscriber-only post on X (via 9to5Mac) that display production for the iPhone 16ย will begin in June.

June is when panel production for the iPhone 15 kicked off, so this could be taken as an indication that the new phones will also be released in September like last year.

Panel production is expected to be the highest for the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro in June, while production of displays for the other two models will likely scale up later in the summer.

All the phones are expected to be fueled by a 3nm chip and feature a Capture button for photos and videos. The Pro models may get a new 48MP ultrawide camera, which could increase their chances of becoming the best camera phones of 2024. The phones will reportedly also have a brighter screen and a glossier frame.

The regular models are likely to ditch the ring/silent switch for the Action button which we saw on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple is expected to rely heavily on iOS 18 and AI features to boost sales of the upcoming phones, which are otherwise looking like minor upgrades over the current-gen models.

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