Is it too early to say that the iPhone SE 4 could destroy most Android midrange phones?

*Header image: the iPhone SE from 2022 next to an alleged render of the iPhone SE 4

Alright, we’re now hearing a rumor that the iPhone SE 4 will retain its competitive pricing at $429, and it’s price can at most climb up to $499. Although this is a rumor (as with all things iPhone SЕ 4 right now), with all the recent rumors about it and for this price, it’s shaping up to be a beast of a mid-range phone. Will it destroy the competition? Let’s talk about it.

iPhone SE 4 price: it will be a beast at just $500

If the rumors are to be trusted, things are looking very bright for the future and the popularity of the iPhone SE 4. According to tipster Revengus, who has garnered a very good track record with leaks, the iPhone SE 4 is likely to cost between $429 (current iPhone SE price) and at the most, $499.This price puts it directly in competition with the Pixel A and Galaxy A-series – straight into mid-range territory. But it’s not coming to war unarmed…

iPhone SE 4: The dated design will reportedly be gone

What made the iPhone SE from 2022 less attractive was the simple fact it looked like the iPhone 8… and the 7. And the 6… Don’t get me wrong, I loved the iPhone 8 design, but back in 2017. Or even 2018. However, an iPhone 8 look in 2022 felt… well, strange, to say the least.

However, juicy rumors about the iPhone SE 4 indicate the dated design will be gone. The phone is expected in 2025, but according to rumors from trusted sources, it would have shed its 2017 look. The new iPhone SE is expected to steal the look from the iPhone 14, which is (give or take) every modern iPhone right now.

This pretty much means that the 4.7-inch tiny screen will grow to 6.1 inches, the fingerprint button will offer its position to the fancier Face ID (in a notch), and overall, the phone will look fresher and ready to take on the mid-range world.

As you can see, the iPhone 14 is a beautiful and modern-looking phone. As rumors expect the iPhone SE 4 to sport this look, I’m confident it will look just as gorgeous. And definitely will become more attractive.

iPhone SE 4: tiny 4.7-inch display to get replaced by a gorgeous 6.1-inch OLED panel

Another very exciting rumor is about the display improvements for the iPhone SE 4. Another reason why the iPhone SE from 2022 was considered by many quite the dated phone, is because of its small display and LCD technology behind the display.

Rumors are now saying that the iPhone SE 4 will ditch LCD for OLED, the superior display technology that’s currently on most phones, including expensive flagship ones. OLED allows for better viewing angles, more beautiful colors with rich hues and deep blacks, and just overall looks better.

A quick glance at the competition shows that it’s already using OLED (the Pixel 8a, the Galaxy A55, among others). That’s not new for Apple, as it’s often slow to hop on a given technology. However, an iPhone SE 4 with OLED, with the new design, competitive pricing, and super-fast Bionic chip just does it for me. Having OLED brings it up on par with the competition, but all the rest could easily help it go on top.

iPhone SE 4: could this be the performance beast we need in the midrange market?

I’m not saying mid-rangers are weak when it comes to performance. Chips are fast these days and in regular daily use, you don’t notice slowness as much.

However, Apple’s A16 Bionic, the chip rumored for the iPhone SE 4, is a flagship chip currently found in the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 15. This chip is capable of more (heavier use, gaming, multitasking) than the regular mid-range chips or an underclocked Tensor G3 (which is powering the Pixel 8a).

Alright, by the time the iPhone SE 4 hits the shelves, probably we’d have the Pixel 9a and a Galaxy A56 to rival it. But could those mid-rangers really rival a flagship chip, albeit a couple of years old?
A quick glance at the benchmark results gives us the answer. The A16 Bionic is faster. Even if Apple decides to put the A15 Bionic (powering the iPhone 13 series) in the iPhone SE 4, it will still be good enough.

Yep, benchmarks are not everything, as I like to say. We also have software optimizations (which Apple is already a king of) and other magic behind the scenes so that a phone appears fast in daily life. And I’m not worried about the iPhone SE 4 being slow at all.

Apple is great at software optimization, and that’s all thanks to the years of experience in building both the processor and the software that runs on it. Its level of retaining the iPhone fast over the years is almost unparalleled.

Conclusion: things aren’t looking great for other Android mid-rangers

Of course, the iPhone SE 4 is far from official, and there’s still time for rival companies to turn their focus on their mid-range devices and prep them for the big fight. But if all those iPhone SE 4 rumors are correct, the iPhone will be in an ideal position to take the market by storm.

Yes, it won’t be a flagship and some compromises would be needed (probably a 60Hz refresh rate awaits it), but people don’t usually go for a mid-ranger because they want the fastest and greatest. Mid-range buyers just want quality, reliability, and probably, a good camera, for a good price. And I’m convinced the iPhone SE 4 will be able to answer those.

And what’s even better is that Android phone makers may get a slap by Apple and thus focus more on building fast and reliable mid-range phones to answer the iPhone SE 4. This means we can all get the best, even if we go for a mid-ranger. I’m very excited to see how, if these rumors are true, the iPhone SE 4 will shake up the market.

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