Leak reveals which iPhones will get iOS 18

Apple recently revealed that its latest iPhone models are supported for a minimum of five years, though we have seen it extend support to as long as seven years for some variants. With iOS 18 right around the corner, you might be wondering whether your iPhone will be compatible with Apple’s upcoming smartphone operating system. A tipster appears to have the answerLast year, when iOS 17 was released, Apple dropped support for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. The company stopped providing updates for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 a year before that.

So, which models will not be eligible for iOS 18? 

Well, luckily for those who thought their iPhones were too old for iOS 18, Apple has apparently decided to roll out iOS 18 to all iPhone models that were compatible with iOS 17.

To be more specific, these iPhone models will get iOS 18, according to leaker @NikiasMolina, 

We will find out later today during the Worldwide Developers Conference whether Apple has indeed decided to be generous by not withdrawing support for any older model this year.iOS 18 is expected to be one of the biggest iPhone software updates to date. AI is going to be infused in everything from Siri to Safari, and while some of the features will work on all models, on-device AI capabilities will reportedly be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

The update will not completely revolve around AI though and will also bring with it other changes such as a new interface for the Settings app, a redesigned Control Center, enhanced Spotlight search, custom route creation in the Maps app for users in the US, improvements to productivity apps such as Keynote and Pages, and RCS support for improving texting between iPhone and Android users.

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