Leaked Samsung contract reveals demands for user data from repair shops

What you need to know

  • A Samsung contract given to repair shops has leaked and paints a sour picture as user data is reportedly involved.
  • Shops are seemingly required to upload a host of user data to Samsung’s database when they come in for repair.
  • Samsung also requires repair shops to “disassemble” a user’s device if it’s discovered that they’ve used a third-party part.

Information has surfaced regarding a leaked contract that reportedly details Samsung’s requirement that repair shops divulge sensitive user information.

The folks at 404Media have reportedly obtained a Samsung contract to repair shops and have allegedly “confirmed” its validity. In its terms, shops must upload information “daily” about consumers who come in for repairs. The contract shows that Samsung requires shops to inform them about a consumer’s name, contact information, phone identifier (IMEI number), and the details of their visit.

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