Leaker gives more details on the OnePlus 13 camera setup

Just a few days ago, OnePlus’ upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 13, had its camera details leaked. Now, the same source, reliable leaker Digital Chat Station has some more details to offer for OnePlus fans. The tipster says that the OnePlus 13‘s main camera will have a Sony LYT808 sensor, while both the ultra-wide and the 3x periscope zoom camera will go with the IMX882 instead. The main rumored sensor is the same as the 50MP Sony LYT808 in the OnePlus 12, the OnePlus 13‘s predecessor. However, the ultra-wide and the periscope cameras use a different sensor. The Sony IMX882 has already been used in the mid-range OnePlus Ace 3V that previously launched in China. Both ultra-wide and periscope cameras are said to rock a 50MP resolution.  

On the OnePlus 12, the ultra-wide camera sports a 48MP resolution, so the new OnePlus phone will have a couple more pixels for its ultra-wide. On the other hand, at least when it comes to pixel count, the OnePlus 13‘s periscope camera seems downgraded to 50MP from 64MP on the 12.

Of course, it’s expected that the new setup will improve the photo quality of the OnePlus 12. In what ways, we’re yet to see as the phone isn’t out yet.

Other rumored specs for the OnePlus 13 include a humongous 6,000mAh battery cell (which is something I’d love more phones to have), a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset for smooth performance, and a new camera island design.

We expect the OnePlus 13 to be officially unveiled towards the end of the year, and it will most likely first see a release in China. As with previous OnePlus models, a couple of months after the release in China, the phone’s international version should be expected to hit the stores.

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