M1 iPad Air is finally affordable as Amazon and Walmart shave a chunk off its price

The moment we have been waiting for is here. For the longest time, the biggest discount you could find on the iPad Air M1 was $150 and while that wasn’t a small price cut by any means, it still didn’t make the $599 tablet affordable enough for a lot of us. Now that the slate’s successor has been announced, better deals are rolling in, with the latest ones slashing $200 off its price.Walmart has knocked the price of the iPad Air M1 to $399. Amazon is offering a discount of $200 on the tablet. We have seen a discount of this magnitude on the previous-generation iPad Air only once before and it lasted only a day. 

That’s an insane price, considering the M1 is a desktop-grade chip and most other top tablets don’t offer this kind of power.

The thrill of the latest model might entice you to spend $200 more on the M2 iPad Air, but unless you are sure you need a 15 percent faster CPU and a slightly larger screen, you’d be better off with that extra $200 in your pocket.

The iPad Air is a thin and lightweight tablet with a USB-C port and Touch ID. It should last around 10 hours on a single charge, meaning the battery is sufficient for a full workday and then some.

If you are someone who needs a tablet that’s just as useful on your desk as it is on the couch, this device is ideal for you.

Like other Apple tablets, the iPad Air also gives you access to an unparalleled number of optimized apps.

In short, if you aren’t known to overwhelm the limits of your computer but need something powerful enough for productivity work, the M1 iPad Air is the tablet for you and you shouldn’t miss the chance to buy a competent tablet at a low price.

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