Opera’s latest AI Feature Drop includes a Writing Mode

Opera’s monthly update which includes mostly AI features is here and includes a so-called “Writing Mode”. The new feature allows users to improve texts they write by having Aria correct or tweak it.

This is the perfect tool for when you want to write emails or post messages on social media. In addition to Writing Mode, the update also adds some quality-of-life improvements to Aria that are meant to enhance interactions with the sidebar chat and the Command Line.

To access the new Writing Mode feature, you simply have to go to any text box on a website, and you should see the Aria icon appear once you start typing. Once you’re done writing, you’ll be able to ask Aria to tweak or spellcheck the text. The Writing Mode also allows users to add emojis or hashtags to texts (or remove them).

Besides Writing Mode, the update introduces a feature that allows users to summarize an entire conversation with Aria. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the + sign located to the left of the text box of the sidebar chat.

Last but not least, Opera’s Aria will now provide links to different sources about topics users are searching for. The new functionality is meant to give users links to relevant websites so that they can explore topics in even greater depth.

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