Our favorite cheap tablet has crashed back to its lowest price EVER at Amazon

Galaxy tablet deals are back with this next entry, making an already-cheap device even cheaper. Right now, Amazon is offering 22% off the price of the Galaxy Tab A9 Plus, bringing this tablet back down to its lowest price ever. The Galaxy Tab A9 Plus is our favorite affordable tablet, featuring a good-looking 11-inch display, along with expandable storage of up to 1TB and an impressive battery life. While it doesn’t boast top-notch performance for the market, it’s still a pretty solid device for most casual tablet usersβ€”and especially at this extra-low price.

βœ…Recommended if:Β you’re looking for a good tablet at an economy price point; you prefer a lightweight tablet with a decently large screen, but not one that’s too big; battery life is a priority to you.

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