Pixel 8a colors: all the official hues

Google’s surprisingly unveiled its next mid-ranger, the Pixel 8a. As usual, it sports the recognizable Google design and looks gorgeous. Available in some fresh and inspiring colors, it’s a great device coupled with AI features and a promising chipset.

The phone is now up for pre-order and will hit the shelves next week, on May 15. It is available in four beautiful colors so you can choose the best one to fit your style and preferences.

What colors is the Pixel 8a available in?

The Pixel 8a comes in four colors: Aloe, Bay, Porcelain, and Obsidian. The first two are fresh and new, a light green and light blue respectively, while the latter two are the more conservative color options this year. Pixel 8a colors:

Pixel 8a colors: all the official hues

Pixel 8a in Aloe

The signature color for the mid-ranger this year is called Aloe. The hue is a pleasant light green, which has just the right level of saturation to be considered colorful without being too crazy. Google has abandoned the two-tone design for the Pixel 8a and the entire phone is painted in a matching green hue.

We have the camera bar and the frame of the phone again in a similar green for a cohesive look. It has a matte finish, and with this bright color, you have no worries about fingerprint smudges ruining its looks.

Pixel 8a in Bay

The Pixel 8a is also available in Bay, a beautiful blue color. This blue isn’t your undersaturated light blue we’ve somewhat gotten used to on phones, it’s a saturated and deep blue that looks fresh and new. It’s not too dark, which makes it ideal for you if you want a touch of color on your new Pixel 8a. Once again, we have a matching camera bar and frame, and a polished matte finish for a uniform and gorgeous look.

Pixel 8a in Porcelain

Porcelain is another option from the Pixel 8a colors. It’s a more standard, conservative one compared to the Bay and Aloe color variants. Porcelain is not a new color for Google and we’ve seen it in previous iterations of Pixels. Nevertheless, it’s gorgeous and polished and looks beautiful on the Pixel 8a.

Porcelain is a light color, almost like white, but more like a warm white instead of your “refrigerator” cool white. Featuring a frame painted in the same color, it’s a neat-looking color option that looks very polished and sophisticated.

Pixel 8a in Obsidian

Obsidian is the second conservative color option for the Pixel 8a. It’s a dark gray, almost black color, which has been a classic for phones since the dawn of time. If you’re not into phone colors as much and you just want the Pixel 8a for the internals and not looks, this color may be good for you.

Of course, the Pixel 8a in Obsidian is also ideal for people who want their devices to look serious and business-like. It’s great for professionals who don’t want to attract attention with an eye-catching bright blue phone. The matte finish saves it from being ruined by fingerprint smudges, so you can be assured it will look right even without a case.

Conclusion: two colorful and two classic colors for the Pixel 8a this year

Google’s done the Pixel 8a colors thoughtfully and is offering just the right amount of color options to not overwhelm you with choices. If you want a more fun and eye-catching phone, you can go for Bay or Aloe. On the other hand, if you’re one of the people who’d prefer the traditional approach, you can go with Obsidian or Porcelain.
The cool thing is that all finishes are matte and all colors look great and polished, so whichever one you end up choosing, you won’t be wrong.

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