Pixel market share is hanging by a thread in the US, survey reveals

Google may have kickstarted the trend of AI phones in the industry, but the latest figures from the number-crunching wizards at Counterpoint Research suggest its market share is on the decline. On top of that, most existing Pixel owners will probably go for another brand the next time they buy a phone.Analytics company Stocklytics has published a report that reveals the findings of a survey of 10,000 US smartphone users conducted by Statista Consumer Insights. The survey aims to find how loyal smartphone users are to their current brand.

Per the report, a whopping 57 percent of Google Pixel owners in the US want to switch to another brand. That’s pretty alarming, considering the US is one of Google’s top two markets.

In contrast, only 34 percent of both Apple and Samsung’s users will consider ditching these companies for another brand when the time comes for an upgrade.

Only 25 percent of Pixel users were sure that they would stay with the brand for their next smartphone purchase as well. While in many ways, the Pixels are the best phones around, recurring problems like connectivity woes and overheating issues are too much for some people, and this might be the reason why a good many of the current owners are considering moving to another brand.

Apple’s fans were found to be the most loyal of the lot, with 50 percent of them considering staying with the company for their next phone as well. Samsung is not far behind with 44 percent loyal users.

There were over 310 million smartphone users in the US at the end of 2023, so 10,000 is admittedly not too big of a sample to be representative of the whole market. In absolute terms though, the figure is not insignificant, and Google may want to focus more on providing a consistent and reliable experience if it hopes to beat Apple and Samsung one day.

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