Pixel Tablet users can finally use Circle to Search on Android 14

What you need to know

  • Circle to Search is now available on the Pixel Tablet running Android 14, allowing users to circle items on their screens to search the web instantly.
  • Following its announcement in January alongside the Galaxy S24 series launch, Circle to Search has been progressively introduced to Pixel smartphones.
  • Currently, the feature does not work in split-screen mode, but support for this is expected in a future update.

Circle to Search is now rolling out on the Pixel Tablet with Android 14, meaning you can circle things on your screen to instantly search the web.

It was inevitable that Google would bring Circle to Search to its Android tablet after hints of its upcoming release. Back in January, when the Galaxy S24 series launched, Google announced plans to expand Circle to Search to its Pixel devices. Since then, it has gradually made its way to the Pixel smartphones.

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