Sonos app gets another big update that brings back some basic features

After Sonos’ redesign app fiasco, the audio company vouched to listen to the feedback and bring back all the features that were removed when the refreshed version of the app was rolled out not long ago.

This will take time because in an attempt to make its app as streamlined as possible, Sonos removed a lot of the features that users were using very often. Basic features like “Play Next,” “Play Last,” “Shuffle All,” and the ability to search for songs in local/offline music library were no longer available when the new app was released.

Despite its attempts to defend the app’s new design, Sonos admitted that it now has a major issue as many users threaten to stop using and/or buying the company’s products.

New features added

The first update meant to fix some of the app’s problems was released last month, and Sonos promised to roll out a new one in June. Well, it looks like Sonos has kept its promise and a new update is now available for download. Here is what’s included and what Sonos plans to add to the app in the coming weeks:

  • Added support for the all new Sonos Ace headphones
  • Added sleep timer settings
  • Added “play next” and “add to end of queue”
  • Improved Home Feed scrolling
  • Improved setup reliability
  • Added WiFi configuration for products with BLE
  • Improved battery consumption for Bluetooth discovery
  • Improved ability to update older firmware systems
  • Further improved navigation for visually-impaired customers
  • Added VoiceOver support to read toast message automatically on iOS
  • Introduced mute button on iOS
  • Improved local library connectivity
  • Improved Trueplay setup on iOS
  • Added distance settings for surrounds
  • Added line-out settings for Sonos Port

New features incoming

Besides the pretty beefy changelog, Sonos also revealed some of the features that fans should expect to see in a future update. Keep in mind that most of these upcoming features have ETAs, but not all of them.

  • Continued improvements to navigation for visually impaired customers: mid-June
  • Playback controls including mute and volume numbers: June
  • Local music library search and playback: mid-June
  • Improved playback settings including Play Now: July
  • Create and edit local music library: July
  • Improved Autoplay settings: July
  • Improved Sub audio settings with Amp: July
  • Snooze alarms: TBD

Based on the roadmap above, the next update for the Sonos app should arrive in mid-June, but there’s also another one scheduled for July. If you’re using Sonos’ app to control your audio products, there are a lot of good things coming your way, so stay tuned.

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