T-Mobile is angering even more of its customers with late price hike notices

If you didn’t get a text message from your “Un-carrier” notifying you of an imminent price increase with the bulk of affected customers a couple of weeks back, we’re afraid you may not be out of the woods yet, and you should probably check your phone’s inbox again. 

The timing of this apparent second wave of notifications is especially infuriating when you consider that T-Mo’s price hikes are scheduled to go into effect on June 5, which is… today. Magenta doesn’t seem to have any intention of offering an extension of any sort on this date for recipients of these late notices, which is bound to infuriate some subscribers even more.

While the “second attempt” label prefacing one of the tardy texts copied on Reddit suggests that T-Mobile already tried to inform these customers of what’s coming once before, not everyone seems to be buying this explanation. Instead, one Redditor believes that this staggered approach was always part of the operator’s plan, with the obvious primary goal of “lessening the impact of an across-the-board rate increase for essentially everyone who isn’t on a Go5G plan.”
An even more obvious secondary consequence of such a move could be convincing quite a few loyal T-Mobile subscribers with no previous intention of jumping ship to actually switch to a different carrier. For the time being, however, we think we’re going to treat that as a conspiracy theory and merely presume this second wave of price hike notifications is the result of an error or technical glitch of some sort.

That doesn’t absolve the “Un-carrier” of all guilt, mind you, as its communication on this matter clearly should have been handled in a more open and swifter fashion. But hopefully, it means that a third wave of text messages will not be needed, and all customers looking at paying more for their wireless service starting this month are now aware of the situation.

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