T-Mobile refuses to name all the plans affected by its recent price hikes

Of course, not all T-Mo subscribers are looking at paying more on their monthly bill starting in June, but as if the actual price increase news this week was not bad enough to make thousands of people grab their (virtual) pitchforks and torches across various online forums and social networks, the “Un-carrier” also totally botched its communication on the matter.

For all the attention these price hikes received in the past 48 hours or so, Magenta has yet to issue a press release or publish a detailed blog post to address the concerns and questions floating around the interwebs in an organized manner and official capacity.Β 

If you haven’t gotten a text, you’re (probably) safe

As it turns out, the silence is intentional and unlikely to be broken anytime soon, at least based on a brief response to Android Authority’s request for clarification on exactly what plans are getting more expensive here. T-Mobile doesn’t seem to have any intention to publiclyΒ  “share details about which plans” are affected right now (either on its website or when talking to news outlets), merely pointing out that “included customers” are “aware” of all impending changes after receiving notifications on Wednesday, May 22.

In a nutshell, you should have already been informed that your monthly costs are going up, and if you haven’t received a text message alerting you of what’s to come, that means you’re probably not going to pay anything extra in June. Obviously, that doesn’t sound like an infallible notification system, so just to be on the safe side of things, you may want to check your email as well.

According to the incredibly knowledgeable Redditor that’s also been behind so many exclusive T-Mo-related leaks and stories on The Mobile Report, the operator was planning to send email notifications of looming price hikes “by Friday” to impacted customers who couldn’t receive texts “for whatever reason.” While it definitely sounds like T-Mobile is doing everything in its power to individually inform every user of what’s coming to their accounts before applying any price increases, a lot of confusion and fear could be dismantled with a wider public announcement.

Yes, some (but not all) Magenta plans are affected

The main reason why T-Mobile is refusing to list all the plans that are getting pricier is fairly easy to guess if you’ve followed the conversation around the topic on Reddit, for instance. Basically, not all customers appear to be treated equally on plans like Magenta, Magenta Plus, and even Magenta Max, with some looking set to retain their current rates and others being informed they’ll soon have to cough up anywhere between $2 and $5 more every month for every line of service.

As you can imagine, these widely disparate experiences are causing much of that aforementioned confusion (and quite a bit of anger), which is certainly understandable. Another thing that’s messing with some people’s heads is the language in T-Mo’s texts, which doesn’t make it very clear what parts of one’s account are subject to a price increase.Β 

As of now, there’s no reason to believe anyone with a Go5G plan will need to pay more for their voice and data service in the near future, instead most likely looking at a price hike for their “Connected Devices” plan upon getting a dreaded text message.

You can always contact customer support if you’re not entirely sure what’s happening with your account or any lines that might confuse you, but please remember that T-Mobile‘s low-level employees are in no way to blame for the company’s greed rising inflation.

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