T-Mobile removes old plans from website, stoking fears people will be moved to pricier ones

Like any other for-profit company, T-Mobile exists to make money and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t try to play the nice guy who wants the best for everyone. Its latest move is making people wonder if the carrier wants customers to move to pricier plans.

As first spotted by Reddit user WannabeElitists, the option to sign up for Magenta plans through the carrier’s website is no longer there, with a note saying that you’ll have to call the carrier to order them.

That’s strange, considering on one hand, the company doesn’t shy away from reprimanding customers for not being tech-savvy by imposing a fee on those who visit its store for paying their bills.

Why would the carrier want customers to go all the way to its store, which might not be convenient for everyone, for Magenta plans only, when all others are available online?

This seems like an attempt to convince people to get one of the more expensive and newer plans instead.

The company previously tried to pull off something similar in October 2023, when it said customers on old plans including Magenta, One, Magenta 55+, Simple Choice/Select Choice, and Simple Choice Business would be moved to new plans unless they opted out.

Long ago, when T-Mobile used to be the number four carrier, the then-CEO John Legere introduced cheap plans in hopes of attracting customers. With that goal achieved, the company now wants people to migrate to pricier plans, but since the older plans are cheaper, many have stuck with them.

With a starting price of $90 per month for 3 lines, Magenta plans are far more affordable than the carrier’s other plans, though it must be mentioned that T-Mobile is currently offering discounts on many of its other plans, likely for a limited time.

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