TikTok tests AI-generated search results: Boon for users, bane for creators?

The AI game is ramping up by the day, with companies all over the world integrating AI features into their tech. TikTok’s not one to lag behind either – it already has a handful of AI-powered features on its app. And now, the short-form video platform is testing a new feature: AI-generated search results.

TikTok’s latest addition, dubbed “AI search highlights,” is currently undergoing testing. This feature breaks down search results on TikTok, sparing users the hassle of combing through numerous videos for info. Instead, it offers a condensed version of the content showcased in the videos.

According to a page detailing the results, the content is generated using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and TikTok showcases it “when the algorithm finds them relevant to your search.”

As of now, the feature seems to have its limitations; not all queries yield AI-generated responses. However, as shown in the screenshot above, you could, for example, search for something like “chia seed pudding recipes,” and voila! The TikTok AI search feature could present you with an AI-generated summary.

While this fresh search highlight feature promises to be a time-saver for users, it might not sit well with creators. After all, if it is analyzing and summarizing video content, why bother watching the entire clip for answers? This could potentially dent the number of views your videos receive, posing a downside for creators.

But as mentioned earlier, this feature is still in the testing phase and is only accessible to a select few users. This means there could be numerous adjustments on the horizon, and there are no immediate plans from the company to roll it out to the public.

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