Uber will help you never get stuck after a show again with a new shuttle feature, plus more

Uber recently hosted its annual GO-GET event, unveiling new features set to roll out on the rideshare app. A significant portion of the updates focuses on shuttles and expanded ridesharing options, with the introduction of a new feature called Uber Shuttle taking center stage.

New ways to share a ride

Uber Shuttle allows users to book up to five seats up to seven days ahead for rides to and from major events like concerts and basketball games, as well as trips to the airport. The company touts this feature as budget-friendly, highlighting that each rider will pay “a fraction of the price of an UberX.” The company statement goes like this:


The company promises that these rides won’t be subject to surge pricing. However, it’s important to mention that these shuttles are exclusively for events listed in the app, which might be a bit disappointing.

GO-GET wasn’t just about shuttles; Uber also rolled out Uber Caregiver. With this feature, users can arrange rides for their loved ones to medical appointments and more. And it doesn’t stop there – eventually, it’ll extend to tasks like grocery deliveries and bringing over-the-counter meds right to your doorstep.

Also, during the event, Uber dropped news about UberX Share, the company’s replacement for Uber Pool introduced in 2023. It’s getting a new feature that lets users schedule shared rides in advance, helping them save some cash. The company mentions that on average, riders should pocket around 25% in savings per ride compared to a regular trip with UberX.

Uber pointed out that UberX Share is perfect for commutes, noting a recent spike in rides during traditional commuting hours. The company is deliberately launching this new offering in cities with some of the highest rates of employees returning to the office, like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, and San Francisco. Uber is planning to expand to more locations in the near future.

Uber Eats, the food delivery platform, is also getting a couple of updates. Firstly, the company has added Costco to its retail delivery offerings. Additionally, Uber Eats Lists introduces a new way for people to decide what and where to eat. This feature allows users to browse restaurant recommendations from friends and local foodies.

All these new features will roll out to Uber users over the next few months, with availability expanding to various cities across the US, although which ones exactly is yet to be announced.

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