We just got a sneak peek of the ChromeOS ‘App Mall’

What you need to know

  • A dive into ChromeOS 126 unearthed more of Google’s plans for its “App Mall” store for Chromebooks.
  • The store will be divided into Search, Home, Apps, and Games tabs with an extra one to hop directly into the Play Store.
  • It also seems that Google is looking to improve how users install web/PWA apps, as this will all take place directly in App Mall.

Google’s development of a new “App Mall” for ChromeOS progresses as new flags in the code reveal what may await users on full release.

The folks over at ChromeUnboxed were able to enable the chrome://flags/#cros-mall flag within the Canary build of ChromeOS 126. Most of the App Malls’ design seems to strongly callback to the software’s preexisting “Explore” app. The main page offers tabs on the top left side for Search, Home, Apps, and Games.

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