We need to stop letting companies double-dip with high upfront costs and required subscriptions

What you need to know

  • A new report claims Samsung could charge a required subscription fee for its upcoming Galaxy Ring.
  • The proposed subscription would be in addition to a high upfront cost for the wearable, as it is rumored to cost between $300 and $350. 
  • The combination of high MSRPs and required subscriptions is a trend in tech that needs to be stopped. 

Samsung has been teasing its Galaxy Ring for some time now, but we’re starting to learn more about the upcoming wearable’s pricing model. According to leaker Yogesh Brar and Android Authority , the Galaxy Ring could come with both a high initial cost and a perpetual subscription fee. Brar doesn’t offer any concrete details, but says the possible subscription would cost “under $10” for U.S. users.

It seems unlikely that Samsung would require a subscription for use of the Galaxy Ring, because there’s no precedent of the company doing so in the past. However, if Samsung did tie a monthly subscription to the upcoming wearable, it would continue a dangerous trend. 

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