Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy S24 Ultra, Pixel 8a, iPad Air (2022), and more discounts going strong!

Did you get everything you need from our latest weekly collection of sub-$200 bargains to end your week on a high note or get an early start to your summer on the right foot? If not, don’t worry, as we have another list of top mobile tech deals for you to feast on today. 

These are the best of the best promotions available right now at major US retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, as well as the official regional e-stores of device manufacturers like Motorola and Lenovo. We’re not going to lie to you, some of the “special” offers contained in the following lines are not really that special, having been available before multiple times, but others are truly unprecedented and presumably unbeatable.

Buckle up, as we try to put each and every deal under the microscope to ensure each and every one of you makes the most well-informed buying decision possible.

Check out the week’s top 3 deals:

No, that’s obviously no longer Apple’s latest and greatest mid-range tablet, but at a whopping 200 bucks under its regular starting price of $599, it’s now certainly affordable enough to make a lot of people snub its 2024 sequel(s). As for the S24 Ultra and Pixel 8a, those are clearly two of the best Android phones in the world today, and even though we obviously can’t see the future, we highly doubt you’ll be able to get much better deals than what Amazon currently offers anytime soon.

How about this other massive batch of sweet smartphone promotions?

Still can’t afford the Galaxy S24 Ultra? The S24 Plus is only slightly humbler at a significantly lower price (after a hard-to-beat $150 markdown), while the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R are almost too good for their freshly reduced prices.
With a hefty 16GB RAM count and a massive 5,500mAh battery equipped with blazing fast 80W charging technology, the 12R might be the absolute best budget 5G phone available right now in the US, although Samsung’s stellar software support probably makes the Galaxy S23 FE a close second.
Then you have the surprisingly robust and unusually security-focused Motorola ThinkPhone available at a huge but far from unprecedented $300 discount, and for foldable fans on tight budgets, the Razr (2023) is once again a must-buy at $200 under its $699.99 list price. Of course, that’s hardly the best foldable phone out there today, and if you’re willing to sell a kidney, the exceptionally well-reviewed OnePlus Open can be had at a cool $300 less than usual.

Treat yourself to a deeply discounted tablet this summer!

Whether you’re on a tight budget, a really tight budget, or you’re willing to spend quite a bit of money for one of the world’s best tablets, this section of our week-ending deals roundup will probably take care of your needs with little to no effort on your part.
That’s obviously not what we can say about the Apple M2-powered iPad Air 11 (2024) and the fifth-gen iPad Pro 11 with an Apple M4 processor under the hood, both of which are incredibly young, extremely fast, and… not exactly deeply discounted. But any buck saved on such a new and compelling Apple gadget is definitely worth noticing and taking into consideration when shopping for a tablet.

These smartwatch deals sure look familiar

Yes, you’ve absolutely seen the Apple Watch Series 9 at this reduced price before, and that Pixel Watch 2 discount with cellular connectivity was introduced a couple of weeks back. But that doesn’t change the fact that these are two of the best smartwatches money can buy in 2024, and the money you need to spend right now on your favorite wearable device of the two will bring you unrivaled value and top-class features for your iPhone or Android handset.

And these are the best earbuds and headphones deals available today:

It’s generally not easy to decide what are the best wireless earbuds one can buy at any given moment, but when Apple’s Beats Studio Buds can be had for a whopping 70 bucks under their already reasonable $150 price, it’s hard to even consider another product to pair with your Android phone or iOS handset.
The only worthy alternatives at the time of this writing are arguably the over-ear Beats Solo 4 and Beats Studio Pro for folks who prefer that form factor and refuse to spend a small fortune on something like the AirPods Max or Sony’s super-premium WH-1000XM5. The Solo 4 are brand-new, mind you, which means that they’re discounted for the first time ever, while the slightly higher-end Studio Pro with active noise cancellation are… probably the overall better choice at a simply unbeatable 49 percent price cut.

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