What did Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak think about Apple Intelligence?

There was a time when Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s original three founders, was Apple Intelligence. After all, he was the one who created the motherboards that were sold as the Apple 1. Steve Jobs was the promoter, the guy who could sell ice to Eskimos. And Ronald Wayne was one of the three co-founders just so the newly formed company could have someone sitting on the Board who wasn’t named Steve. Wayne left Apple 12 days after the company was created.
During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Steve was asked his opinion about Apple’s AI initiative that the company calls Apple Intelligence. Wozniak’s response was optimistic, but guarded. He said that while he was impressed with the demos that Apple displayed during WWDC on Monday, his final judgment is reserved until he can see how effective these features are with real-world usage. “The trouble is, a demo always looks good and I believe in try it yourself, see how it works for you, and then give a real opinion of it,” Wozniak said.

Steve also brought up  Siri noting that if you ask Siri to do something and it’s a simple request, the virtual digital assistant knows what to do. But Wozniak says, “If you ask something that any human being would understand but slightly complicated, one extra word, Siri sometimes has trouble with it.” Wozniak says that he likes to use Siri an “awful lot” and is hoping to see Apple make improvements to it.

He noted that the AI demos that Apple showed off during WWDC on Monday gave you “a choice to circle some little area, let it go and do its magical wonders or rewrite something. “Toward the end of the interview Wozniak said, “There were so many things I saw today that said, oh, my gosh, if that works, that’s going to save me a lot of time,” And saving users’ time is exactly what Apple’s goal is with Apple Intelligence.

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