What is Lockdown mode, and why would you need it?

Phone makers offer several different ways to unlock your phone and all the various methods have pros and cons. You probably use biometrics to do it, but did you know you could use a built-in Lockdown mode to force your phone to fall back to the PIN or password on a one-time basis?

It’s one of those things you might not have known about and maybe have no idea why anyone would want such a thing. It’s also one of those things you need to know about before it’s time to use it.

What is Lockdown mode?

(Image credit: Future)

When you set up your new phone, you’re given the opportunity to set up a lock screen. You’ll need to set a password or a PIN (Personal Identification Number), and you can then add a way to unlock your phone using your fingerprints or face unlock.Β 

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