What’s included with the Fitbit Ace Pass subscription?

What’s included with the Fitbit Ace Pass subscription?

The Ace Pass subscription includes LTE connectivity that allows kids to send text messages, make calls, and share their location with their parents. It also gives kids access to Fitbit Arcade, which contains various movement-based games that unlock as kids complete goals. It also contains Parental Controls where parents can manage contacts, view their kids’ location, and set bedtime modes.

The Fitbit Ace Pass subscription also includes regular updates that include new games, bug fixes, and improved performance. Tap to Play will also soon be available for the Fitbit Ace Pass subscription.

Fitbit aims to help kids stay healthy with its recently announced Fitbit Ace LTE kids’ smartwatch, which has a long list of helpful features. For example, it features Corning Gorilla 3, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and it’s even water resistant to up to 50 meters of water pressure. But kids can get access to all the fun stuff that the smartwatch has to offer with an Ace Pass subscription.

The kids’ smartwatch opens the door to hours of fun and games that keep them moving. With an Ace Pass subscription, the wearable gets cellular connectivity, Fitbit Arcade, and more. But those services are only the tip of the iceberg since the subscription gives you access to much more for a monthly or yearly payment.

Fitbit Ace Pass subscription: Arcade

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The Ace Pass subscription gives kids access to loads of fun apps and games. They also get access to Fitbit Arcade, which offers various active games. Kids can choose from titles such as Galaxy Rangers, Jelly Jam, Pollo13, Spirit Garden (coming soon), Sproutlings (coming soon), and more. Thanks to the updates, you can look forward to new titles every few months.

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