WhatsApp announces major design changes and a darker dark mode

What you need to know

  • WhatsApp changes the app to make it “feel more fresh and modern.”
  • The changes include a design overhaul and new features for iOS and Android devices.
  • The primary ones, however, include chat filters, darker dark mode, and the inclusion of a Meta AI chatbot, which is yet to be launched.

WhatsApp has had a significant design revamp over the past few weeks, and Idit Yaniv, VP, Head of WhatsApp Design, Meta, indicates that these changes to the product are to “feel more fresh and modern” while keeping the messaging platform’s core functionality.

While some design changes have been rolling out to WhatsApp for some time now, Yaniv explains the three principles on which these changes were built in an accompanying blog post:

(Image credit: WhatsApp)
  • Fresh: WhatsApp should feel fresh, fun, and yours with a look familiar and native to your device.
  • Approachable: Everyone should feel comfortable using WhatsApp. It’s accessible at home within the OS and feels unmistakably WhatsApp—friendly and slightly quirky.
  • Simple: The new design should enhance simplicity, be scalable, and be future-proof.

WhatsApp overhaul 2024

(Image credit: WhatsApp)

The primary design changes have included shifting the navigation bar comprising Chats, Status, and Calls tabs from top to bottom. This should help people who use bigger, at least 6-inch screens (and above) on Android phones navigate more quickly as it is closer to the thumb. 

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