Will the Galaxy Z Fold 6 save the foldable phone market?

The foldable phone market has been slowly developing over the last several years, but that doesn’t mean it has fully matured.Far from it. The first Galaxy Fold kicked things off in 2019, and we’re now a couple months away from the 6th iteration in this pioneering series. Honestly, we’ve come a long way – the foldables phones we have in 2024 are way more refined than those first offerings, the creases are much shallower, the hinge mechanisms are more robust… pretty much everything has been improved. And yet, foldables still come with imposing price tags and endurance concerns attached.

Will we ever move past this state and into a phase where foldables, which currenly account for around 1% of the total phone market, become the norm, rather than the exception? That’s the question we try to answer in this week’s episode of the PhoneArena Show!

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