With the Samsung Galaxy Ring coming, Circular prepares with upgraded Ring Slim

The smart ring market is heating up, and as Samsung is about to dive in with its first Galaxy ring coming out in less than a month, the competition is ramping up. Last year, French startup Circular launched the Ring Slim. Now, the company is back with an updated version of what it claims to be the world’s thinnest, lightest, and most powerful smart ring.

Circular just rolled out a new version of the Ring Slim, featuring a better build and an upgraded app experience

Circular has just unveiled an upgraded Ring Slim. It might look like the original, but this new version packs better hardware, fresh features, and a slick new app experience.The latest Ring Slim boasts an IP68 rating, making it dust and water-resistant. Plus, its upgraded scratch-resistant coating means it can handle daily wear and tear with fewer marks and scuffs.

The charging pins have been redesigned to be smaller and rounded, ensuring a secure fit on your finger. Circular also includes a compact USB-C charger with the Ring Slim now, allowing you to charge the wearable directly from your phone.Even with these improvements, Circular says that the Ring Slim keeps its title as the world’s thinnest (2.2mm) and lightest wearable (2 grams). Moreover, it boasts a claimed battery life of up to 2 days in Performance mode, and switching to Eco mode stretches this to 5–6 days.

Circular has also upgraded its companion app, now called Kira Plus, to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their health and activity tracking.

It combines key metrics such as activity, vital signs, sleep, and scores into a single graph, making it easier for users to monitor trends and patterns over time. This improved visual representation can help users better understand their overall health status.

The device also includes GPS route tracking and detailed training analysis as part of its activity monitoring capabilities. Additionally, it boasts an upgraded sleep tracking algorithm to provide more precise monitoring of sleep stages.

Unlike many of its competitors, like the Oura Ring, the Circular Ring Slim doesn’t come with the burden of monthly subscription fees. For a one-time payment of around $281 (depending on size, coating, etc.), users unlock all features.Smart rings are a good alternative for people who want to track their health and fitness data but are not fans of smartwatches, such as myself. While the market remains niche, it’s poised for expansion, especially with Samsung’s imminent entry. When a tech giant like Samsung makes a move, it often paves the way for others to follow suit, particularly if the Galaxy Ring proves successful.

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