Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: preview and expectations

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Intro

We are well into summer and already brimming with excitement — for one, it’s time for a vacation. Secondly, we are expecting Samsung to release its next foldable flagship within the next couple of months. That’d be the Galaxy Z Fold 6, coming in hot to replace the excellent Z Fold 5!

Now, Z Folds haven’t changed a lot from the third generation up until the fifth one, but this time around, we are expecting some real upgrades. For one — a thinner overall device when folded. Secondly — the external screen will get some love. Either we will get a more “regular” 20:9 aspect ratio, as opposed to the current super-tall 23:9, or — at the very least — a very thin, uniform bezel around the external screen, which would allow it to grow a bit in size. And, if we are really lucky, a new hinge design may also give us a crease-less display on the inside!

Of course, these are all things that Samsung competitors have already done — Oppo, OnePlus, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei — they are all releasing thinner foldables that can sort of be used like a normal smartphone thanks to a nice, big external screen.

So, now that the competition has become fierce, Samsung needs the Z Fold 6 to be absolutely amazing. Will it be? Here’s what we know about it so far.

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Galaxy Z Fold 6 Specs

What we know so far

Obviously, the phone hasn’t been officially revealed, so we have to go off of leaks and speculation:

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Design and Display

Does titanium fold?
Would we be surprised if the Galaxy Z Fold 6 comes with a titanium coated frame? Nope — in fact, the rumor mill has suggested as much. Apple set the trend in late 2023 with the iPhone 15 Pro, then the Galaxy S24 Ultra came with its own titanium frame. It makes sense that Samsung will try to deliver the same premium feel with the next Z Fold.

The size will also change by a bit — the rumor mill insists that the Z Fold 6 will be slightly thinner than before, thanks to yet another hinge redesign. The internal display may also have a much shallower crease thanks to said new hinge. Though, we do hope that the device retains its water resistance — can’t be taking specs away now that we’ve had them in previous models!

Rumors say the external display will have a 6.4-inch diagonal. We might get a new aspect ratio — 20:9, close to the ratio of the Galaxy S24 screen. If not that, at the very least, a thin and uniform bezel around the external display seems like an inevitability at this point. The internal display — we don’t have an exact size, but it’s expected that the ratio will be 1.08:1, almost a square.

Of course, both will be Samsung AMOLED tech, but we don’t have any extra details right now.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Camera

Taking a backseat

It’s no secret that the Z Fold series are not the camera-centric phones in Samsung’s portfolio. That’s typically the S Ultra — so, in 2024, that would be the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

But the Galaxy Z Fold phones still have cameras that can take some awesome shots — they just don’t excel in excessive zoom levels or advanced portrait options.

Reports say we will get a 50 MP main camera, 12 MP ultra-wide, and a 10 MP zoom camera with a 3x telephoto lens. So… no change from last year’s specs. We’ll see if there are some upgrades deeper under the hood to improve the photos and videos, though, we were pretty happy with what the Z Fold 5 camera could do.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Performance

For Galaxy

Samsung has a tight partnership with Qualcomm. For the past couple of years, the flagship Snapdragon chips inside Samsung phones have come with the “For Galaxy” moniker. What does that mean? Slightly overclocked and, possibly, Qualcomm helped Samsung out with the thermals inside the phones.

So, the S24 series have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy inside, and we fully expect the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to have the same processor. It’s a pretty powerful SoC with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, Wi-Fi 7, and all the modern bobs and bolts. It gives the Apple A17 Pro a run for its money, even if its built on a 4 nm process instead of the newer 3 nm.
The Galaxy Z Fold 5 already had an amazing performance with last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy — we don’t expect anything less from the new Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Software

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will ship with Android 14, dressed up with Samsung’s One UI 6 — quite an advanced interface, chock-full with features for multi-tasking, Samsung specific apps, SmartThings, multimedia controls, S Pen features, and tons more. And, once Android 15 is out towards the tail end of 2024, we expect the Z Fold 6 to be among the first phones to get One UI 7.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Battery

Slightly bigger?

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will supposedly get a slight increase in battery capacity — now up to 4,600 mAh. That’s less than the typical 5,000 mAh that flagships get, but still quite impressive, considering the battery is stored in only one half of the Z Fold.

Last year’s Z Fold 5 didn’t wow us with spectacular battery life from its 4,400 mAh cell, but lasting a day with it was possible. We expect something similar from the Z Fold 6 — about 9 hours of constant web browsing, 6-and-a-half hours of video streaming. With some downtime in standby between sessions, you can see how this phone can last you a day and a bit — comfortable leeway to recharge.

Should you buy the Galaxy Z Fold 6?

We are definitely expecting a high-quality foldable from Samsung this year. The competition has become fierce, so you can say there’s some pressure riding on the Z Fold 6 release. If the design makes it more pocketable, if there are no issues with thermals, and if the camera performance is touched up a bit — we think it will be a very, very solid entry in the foldable space.

For now? Stay cautiously optimistic!

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