T-Mobile is now treating customers on both new and old plans to a free Moto razr+ 2023

Smartphones with premium specs, especially those that can bend and have two screens, can be quite expensive, but that’s where your carrier comes in. Sure, you may still not be over T-Mobile making you pay more than before every month, despite its earlier promise to do so, but it’s hard to stay mad at a company that routinely comes up giveaways and also wants you to have a phone as expensive as the Motorola razr+ (2023) for $0.That’s right, T-Mobile will let you have the Motorola razr+ (2023) for free if you are willing to trade in your old phone. And for those who don’t want to part with their current device, they can still save $500 on what’s one of the best foldable phones and get it for only $499.

As this report notes, no matter which plan you are on, you can get the razr+ (2023) for half its price. And if you want to save even more, you’ll have to turn in an old phone. The trade-in value depends on the plan you are on.

If you are on Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plans, even a phone as old as 2015’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and 2016’s iPhone 7 will get you a discount of $500. It’s not going to be an upfront discount but will be applied as bill credits over 24 months.

To find out how much your current device is worth, you can go to T-Mobile‘s website and get a trade-in estimate.

If you are on an older or less premium plan, you’ll need to trade in a comparatively newer smartphone, like the 2018 Galaxy S9 or 2019 iPhone 11, to bring the price of the Motorola razr+ (2023) down to zero.

While this may sting, the good news is that even if your daily driver was released before 2019, you can still expect to bring the price of an already discounted phone even lower.

The deal is available both online and in stores and if you want the razr+ (2023) right away, the better decision would be to go to your nearest store to pick one up.

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